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Continuing our Year of Dog theme here at Canyonhaus, we recently went down the rabbit-hole (doggy-hole?) of canine-themed art. We were happy to learn that we are NOT the only people inspired by our pets…In fact, artists throughout history have made pieces inspired by their pups. Here are some of our favorites:

William Wegman’s Weimeraners

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Wegman is the master of dog photography, and he’s built an entire career around his stunning Weimaraner pups. This one has a dog AND a cake, which is like a double dose of awesome. Purchase on Artsy.

Isca-Greenfield Sanders’ Border Collies

Greenfield-Sanders collects old photos and transforms them into nostalgic paintings and prints such as this one with a Border Collie. Purchase on Artsy.

Keith Haring’s Barking Dogs


Keith Haring is one of our favorite artists, and barking dogs are one of his most iconic motifs. He plastered these dogs all over the sidewalks and subways of NYC back in the 80s, and we are still loving them today. Purchase on Artsy.

Terry O’Neill’s Celebrity Pets

 O’Neill’s renowned portraits often paired celebrities with dogs, like in this image of David Bowie which was used for the artwork of his 1974 ‘Diamond Dogs’ album. Further proof that dogs are always cool.  Purchase on Artsy.

Alex Katz’s Sky Terriers

Katz is an iconic pop artist, and never is his brightly-colored, flat style on better display than in this portrait of his beloved dog, Sunny. Good boy, Sunny. Purchase on Artsy.

Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dogs


Koons’s balloon dogs are one of the most recognizable motif’s in modern art. He has done them in several colors…We’ll take one of each, please. Purchase on Artsy.

Esme Shapiro’s Illustrated Dogs

Esme Shapiro is more than a children’s book illustrator, she’s also our Laurel Canyon neighbor and friend. In fact, she’s the creator of these amazing dog portraits that hang in our homes:


Tori’s dog, Rosie, by Esme Shapiro


Tori’s dog, Marvin, by Esme Shapiro

Hayley's Dog, Montana

Hayley’s Dog, Montana, by Esme Shapiro

Don’t you just love them?

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