The James Turrel Roden Crater Project

Wanna buy a crater? While we have our (serious) reservations about Kanye West, we have to give him major props for donating $10,000,000 to help fund the expansion and reopening of James Turrell Roden’s Crater project.

After a 45 year closure, the crater, situated in the remote Painted Desert in Northern Arizona, is a large-scale installation located in and around a volcanic cinder cone. Turrell acquired the site in 1977, after spending the night in the crater, and has spent decades literally moving heaven and earth to create his most monumental work yet. When completed, the project will include 21 viewing areas and six tunnels. The ‘naked eye observatories’ will no doubt be magnificent and mind altering.

This is the first and likely last time we will say this but, thanks Yeezy! A truly once in a lifetime experience, we will definitely make the pilgrimage. Will you? Read more about the project here, and scroll through some of the breathtaking images below.