Illuminating the Road Ahead: Canyonhaus & Compass Unveil the “Sign of the Future”

Sign of the Future - Canyonhaus

With design in our DNA and technology at our core, Canyonhaus and our brokerage, Compass, are continually rethinking every aspect of the client journey. That’s why we are very proud to announce that we are one of the first 500 owners of the recently unveiled, totally reimagined “Sign of the Future.”

This milestone marks the first time in a long, long time that the classic FOR SALE sign has been updated. Just think about it: from cell phones to billboards to social media, the way the world communicates has rapidly evolved. Isn’t it time our signage evolves, too?

So whats makes our sign so special?

It’s illuminating.

When activated by a motion sensor, the sign emits a soft LED glow, inviting all within a 20-foot radius to engage. Finally, your sign will be visible at night.

The Sign of the Future

It’s intelligent.

Each sign acts as a geo-located digital hub, instantly connecting consumers with content. By simply scanning the code, prospective buyers can view customized listing details, floor plans, and photography.

It’s immediate.

As your agents, we can connect directly to the sign via Bluetooth and manage all content directly through the Compass Real Estate mobile app.

And it’s got people talking. 

Our new sign is already generating buzz. Here’s a look at what the press is saying:

FAST COMPANYFAST COMPANY: The “for sale” sign gets its first major makeover in nearly 50 years

“The real estate unicorn Compass, worth $2.2 billion, wants to connect front-lawn signage to the digital world.”  Read the story here.


CNBC: Compass real estate brokerage disrupts with high-tech, smart ‘for sale’ sign

“It is the most visible, most effective, and most mundane marketing tool in all of real estate. And it hasn’t changed in more than a century, until now.” Watch the segment here.

We are proud to bring this incredible new technology to our clients. It’s just one more way that Canyonhaus goes above and beyond to market your listing and bring you top dollar for your home. Contact us today to learn more about what sets us apart from the rest, and what we can do for you.